Discover and Protect Your Attack Surface

Cyberpion is the only EASM solution that discovers the full extent of your online risk exposure and actively protects your hyper-connected external attack surface.

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Are You Operating in the Dark?

With growing reliance on SaaS, Cloud, APIs, and 3rd party services, hyper-connectivity presents the
fastest-growing and most serious risk to enterprises like yours. Mostly invisible, unmanaged, and
everchanging, exposed hyper-connected assets, whether yours or your business partners, are easy
entry points for attackers to exploit.

Secure Your Hyper-Connected Enterprise

Discover Your
Online Exposure

Discover, classify, and map your web of hyper-connected assets.

Evaluate and
Prioritize Actions

Assess critical risks to your assets, dependencies, and riskiest connections.

Mitigate Risk

Eliminate vulnerabilities, control risk and reduce your attack surface.

What Our Customers Say

We need Cyberpion to continuously track how new risks emerge as our business evolves. That way, we can allow the business to do what they need to, but we can continuously find and fix the problems introduced as part of the normal business life cycle.
Michael Manrod,
Grand Canyon Education
After working with Cyberpion for over a year, we are confident that its hyper EASM security platform gives us the critical visibility we need to solve the difficult challenge of managing the risks and vulnerabilities in our entire digital supply chain.
René Rindermann,
Cyberpion was an amazing discovery—the platform helped us find applications, infrastructure, and the associated vulnerabilities we needed to catapult ahead of the leading edge of corporate growth. We have since protected many information assets, informed by the Cyberpion dashboard.
Cameron Kownack,
Incident Response Analyst, Grand Canyon Education
Cyberpion’s hyper external attack surface management approach allows my team to go on offense. We can now actively seek, find and fix critical threats from this dynamic and vast digital environment before they impact our organization and our customers.
René Rindermann,

Operate Confidently Online with Cyberpion

Attack Surface Discovery

Identify the internet-facing assets you own and their extended connections with unmatched coverage and precision.

Risk Assessment

Evaluate each discovered asset, its connectivity, and related kill chains for exploitable vulnerabilities and risks.

Comprehensive Reporting

Identify assets and connections that are no longer in use so you reduce your attack surface and exposure to risk.

Active Protection

Support your security team with Active Protection, so you prevent exploitation of your most vulnerable assets.

Risk Prioritization

Accelerate mitigation with a prioritized list of action items to help your security team effectively focus their efforts.

Workflow Integration

Integrate your current security tools including Microsoft Azure Sentinel, ServiceNow, Atlassian Jira, Splunk, and Cortex XSOAR.

Actively Seek and Secure

Go on the offense to discover hyper-connectivity, prioritize actions,
and actively eliminate risks before they’re exploited.

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