Take Control Of Your External Attack Surface

Cyberpion is the only External Attack Surface Management (EASM) platform that enables you to find and eliminate the risks in your entire digital supply chain before attackers use them to breach your organization.

  • Discover vulnerable IT assets beyond just third-parties
  • Assess vulnerabilities for the risk they represent to you
  • Streamline team processes to effectively manage your external attack surface

Discover Your Entire
Online Ecosystem

Discover the third-party assets and vulnerabilities that put your organization at risk. Identify and manage previously unknown, high-risk assets to effectively reduce your external attack surface.

Focus on Critical
Vulnerabilities First

Assess the risks and security posture of third-party assets spanning your external attack surface. Prioritize the resolution of critical vulnerabilities with our multi-factor risk assessment.

Prevent Today’s
Breaches and Exploits

Keep your organization, employees, and customers secure by eliminating the critical vulnerabilities within your external attack surface. Automate mitigation with Active Protection capabilities.

Critical Use Cases for Today’s Attack Vectors

External Attack Surface Discovery

Gain Visibility Into the Full Extent of Your Online Ecosystem

Easily identify the digital assets in your online ecosystem. Gain critical visibility of your organization’s vulnerable assets, dependencies, and connections.

Ecosystem Vulnerability Management

Uncover Critical Vulnerabilities

Identify and prioritize the attacker-facing vulnerabilities throughout your entire external attack surface. Empower your security team to focus on critical issues and resolve them quickly.

Third Party Risk Management

Minimize and Secure Your External Attack Surface

Easily assess and validate the security posture of your third-party vendors, their third-parties, and so on to the Nth-degree. Gain full visibility into your ecosystem’s security.

Branded Asset Protection

Protect Your Reputation

Eliminate the possibility of threat actors taking control of and abusing your owned and branded assets. Ensure customer trust by proactively eliminating potential vulnerabilities.

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Let us
Show You.

What do you really know about the security posture
of your digital ecosystem?

See the risks you’re exposed to with a vulnerability assessment.

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