Cyberpion Closes Series A Funding at the Inflection Point for Attack Surface Management


In business and life, getting the timing and the team right is half the battle.

Getting Started

Cyberpion came out of stealth mode 18 months ago. During those 18 months, the cyber security domain of External Attack Surface Management (EASM) has become firmly established. Defined by Gartner as “the processes, technology and professional services deployed to discover external-facing enterprise assets and systems that may present vulnerabilities”, this domain focuses on the need to shine a light on this major cyber security blind spot. I couldn’t agree more.

In the past year, awareness of digital supply chain risks has increased across cybersecurity, BFI (banking, finance and insurance), government, and other verticals. This is reflected in our accelerated growth and, I’m proud to say, 96% customer retention year-on-year. It is clear that our target markets understand the need to prevent threats far beyond the traditional perimeter, and that our customers see the value that we deliver in helping them achieve this goal.

Attack Surface Management – In Focus

Our Series A funding announcement comes at a time when Attack Surface Management has reached an inflection point of acceleration. This month, Gartner Top Security Trends for 2022, named “Attack Surface Expansion” and “Digital Supply Chain Risk” as its the top two trends. Combined, these two trends explain both our approach and a key difference. When it comes to External Attach Surface risks, the direct 3rd party connections are only the first step in the Digital Supply Chain. That’s why our External Attack Surface Management extends across the supply chain, discovering connections to reveal the full risk extent. As USVP’s Jacques Benkoski put it. “Cyberpion is the only platform to directly address this issue by continuously assessing all external-facing assets – from 3rd, 4th to Nth party connections – and providing automatic defense against impending attacks.”

Accelerating With a Strong Team

This is the perfect time for us to accelerate forward and I’m confident that we will. We have a great team, which we plan to double in size this year. We also have the experience, connections, and guidance of our investor partners.

Team8 Capital, Hyperwise Ventures and now, USVP are a valuable part of our team. In a few short weeks since Jacques Benkoski has joined as a member of our board and Steve Krausz as an observer, their contribution is already having a significant impact. Several experienced entrepreneurs, who are helping us spread our vision, also joined under the umbrella of Israeli Mapped in NY.

Forward Momentum

Moving forward, we plan to prevent a growing array of cyber threats. To reduce our customers’ expanding attack surface, we will develop our platform and partner with complementary solutions to expand our attack surface discovery, assessment and prevention capabilities. We will also expand our ecosystem of channels and sales partners to reach a broader target market across new geographies and verticals.

Thank you for joining us on our journey. We’ve got the right team and the time is right to make this one an exciting year. I can’t wait to share more good news.

Nethanel Gelernter

Nethanel Gelernter


Nethanel Gelernter
CEO and Founder of Cyberpion

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