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The Pioneer, Innovator, and Global Leader in Ecosystem Security

Cybersecurity Beyond the Perimeter

Cyberpion’s leading Ecosystem Security platform continuously discovers, assesses, and alerts on vulnerabilities within your third-party, internet-facing assets. This capability provides security teams the opportunity to identify critical vulnerabilities and remediate them before malicious actors exploit and abuse them.


A Unique Approach to External Attack Surface Management

Traditional approaches to solving this growing security issue have fallen short and the solution required a new perspective. The concept of External Attack Surface Management (EASM) and Ecosystem Security (which extends EASM to include the digital supply chain) uncovers a vast new scope of cyber risks and vulnerabilities – risks that Cyberpion is uniquely positioned to detect.

Our Values

Security Focused

Our passion and excitement about what we do and how we do it enables the cybersecurity community to protect their organizations from the rising threat of ecosystem breach.

Connection Focused

We believe that securing your external attack surface requires an entirely new approach to the problem – continuous discovery and assessment of your connections to identify vulnerable assets. By looking at the assets connected to your business, we provide the most accurate and relevant sense of your external cybersecurity posture.

Client Focused

Our client-first mentality and constant drive to serve you better empowers your team to protect your organization.

Our Mission

Cyberpion’s mission is to defend the new and vast attack surface created by online ecosystems.

Cyberpion’s groundbreaking platform enables security teams to identify and neutralize the rising threats stemming from vulnerabilities within online assets throughout an enterprise’s far-reaching, hyperconnected ecosystem.

A Message From Our Founder

We know that this is a big problem to solve. When we saw the volume and scale of attacks against external infrastructures, with little to no awareness by the targeted organizations – governments, enterprises and SMBs, we knew we could do something about it.

Nethanel Gelernter, CEO

Team8 Capital

Team8 Capital is the investment arm of company-building and venture group Team8, investing in early-stage companies across enterprise technology, data, AI, cybersecurity, and fintech, at seed, A, and B rounds. Team8 Capital is led by Managing Partners Sarit Firon, one of Israel’s leading investors who has helped realize more than $4 billion in exits and IPOs, and Liran Grinberg, who co-founded Team8 and its unique company-building model in 2014.

Team8 group’s leadership represents serial entrepreneurs, industry pioneers and the former leadership of Israel’s elite tech and intelligence Unit 8200. The venture group is backed by global companies including Microsoft, Walmart, Cisco, Barclays and Moody’s among others. For further information, visit www.team8.vc.

Hyperwise Ventures

Hyperwise Ventures is a venture capital firm, leading seed investments in the cybersecurity and enterprise software domains. It invests in brilliant entrepreneurs with ground-breaking technologies, and materially assists in accelerating the business execution of its portfolio companies. The three managing partners, Nathan Shuchami, Ben Omelchenko and Aviv Gafni bring extensive entrepreneurial experience as the co-founders of Hyperwise Security, an advanced threat prevention innovator that was acquired by Check Point Software Technologies in 2015. Existing investors in Hyperwise Ventures include financial institutions from the U.S., E.U. and Israel, together with an impressive list of global leaders in the cybersecurity and high tech sectors (https://hyperwise.vc/).

Board of Directors

Dr. Nethanel Gelernter

Dr. Nethanel Gelernter, Cyberpion’s CEO, is an experienced security researcher with deep background from academia, industry, and the underground. Nethanel’s research field is practical cyber security, with a focus on modern attack vectors. Nethanel’s work has impacted the most popular online services and triggered design changes in the some of the most popular web applications.

Liran Grinberg

Liran Grinberg is the Managing Partner of Team8 Capital, the venture capital arm of the Team8 Group, investing in enterprise technology, data, AI and cybersecurity companies. Liran co-founded Team8 in 2014, initially focusing on the design of Team8’s company-building Foundry model. He worked closely with founding teams on the ideation of Team8’s first companies, including Sygnia which was acquired by Temasek for $250M, and Claroty which is backed with $100M in funding, alongside Illusive Networks, Hysolate, Curv and more.

Nathan Shuchami

Nathan is an angel investor, entrepreneur and a cybersecurity and enterprise software executive, with over 25 years of experience in senior management, global sales and business development. Nathan is currently managing partner for Hyperwise Ventures.

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