Join a startup with existing Fortune 500 customers, that aims to solve large problems and protect enterprises from sophisticated digital supply-chain attacks.

The role is a combined pre-sales and customer success engineer. You’ll be a leader on the technical side of both pre- and post-sale customer engagements.

You must be self motivated, a self learner, deeply immersed in web technologies and with a significant prior exposure to the way cyber security is being practiced in modern companies and enterprises. You must be able to meet various stake holders and speak to their level of understanding and concerns, from hands-on cyber security researchers, to Appsec and incident response managers, to CISOs in large corporations.

You’ll belong to a team of highly skilled cyber security professionals. You will interact with sales and marketing as well as product management and R&D. You’ll learn a lot. You’ll teach a lot. You’ll play a huge role in building a young company.




  • Work closely with sales executive to close sales opportunities and meet sales quotas
  • Deliver presentations and demos to prospective customers
  • Manage and lead Proof-of-Concept engagements
  • Create market-facing content (posts, blogs, vlogs, articles) on aspects of Ecosystem Security
  • Manage the delivery of post-sales customer success engagements, including custom implementations and integrations

Requirements and qualifications

  • 2+ years in a customer-facing technical role
  • Previous experience interacting with enterprise IT organizations
  • Previous experience presenting complex enterprise solutions to various stakeholders
  • Previous experience creating market-facing content (presentations, posts, blogs)
  • Proven deep technical understanding of core web technologies (TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP, HTML, TLS, PKI)
  • Proven understanding and experience with cloud computing
  • Proven understanding of Web Security concerns, requirements and technologies
  • Proven experience interacting programmatically with Web APIs
  • Proven ability to create and execute Shell, Powershell and/or Python scripts
  • High proficiency in speaking, reading and writing in English
  • Desirable: experience selling cyber security
  • Desirable: experience with SIEM implementations

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