Take Control Of Your External Attack Surface

  • Asset discovery that goes beyond just third-parties
  • Advanced risk assessment reveals your true risk
  • Streamlined workflows to manage your external attack surface
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Transform how you manage third-party risk throughout
your entire digital supply chain

Attack Surface Discovery

Cyberpion’s discovery engine uncovers the external-facing third-party assets you’re connected to. By leveraging the same internet-scale bot technologies used by threat actors, the Ecosystem Security Platform iterates through every connection, link, code embed, DNS reference, and others to build a complete outside-in view of your organization’s extensive online ecosystem.

Vulnerability Assessment and Prioritization

Cyberpion’s vulnerability assessment engine determines the risk level of each and every discovered asset. By leveraging our unique multi-layered assessment capabilities, Cyberpion creates a comparative and reliable threat score for each vulnerability. This capability significantly reduces false-positive alerts and provides greater clarity on which vulnerabilities are the greatest threat to your organization.

Critical Breach Prevention

Cyberpion’s platform provides clear action steps for security and IT teams to remediate vulnerabilities that require more complex steps. Additionally, Cyberpion uses this information to trigger the Active Protection capability whenever possible, which takes pre-emptive control of a vulnerable asset temporarily until your team is able to apply a permanent fix.

How Cyberpion Works

Continuous discovery and evaluation

Cyberpion’s continuous process of discovery, assessment, reporting and protection across your entire ecosystem gives the necessary awareness for security teams to effectively protect the enterprise.


Discover known and unknown connected external assets

Vulnerability Assessment

Assess the risk of ecosystem assets and their infrastructures


Prevent attacks that cannot be detected by existing solutions

Visibility & Alerts

Powerful insights into your threat posture and action steps to reduce your attack surface

Multi-Layered Vulnerability Assessment

Gain a more accurate picture of your threat posture to reduce false positives. Cyberpion assesses all of your organization’s owned (known and unknown) public facing assets and their connected supply chain, ensuring that your security team takes action on accurate and reliable information. 

Web Analysis

Examine code, resources, dependencies, and other web assets. Find potential XSS vulnerabilities, validate best practices and confirm Content Security Policies (CSP).

Cloud Analysis

Identify misconfigurations and vulnerabilities that affect your security, regardless of whether they belong to the organization or to a connected third-party.

DNS Analysis

Detect key DNS records that may lead to operational issues and critical vulnerabilities.

PKI Analysis

Visibility into expired or poorly applied certificates which could compromise secure communications

TLS Analysis

Examine the organization and third-party transport layer protocols for outdated, weak and risky cipher suites that could lead to MITM attempts and eventually data leakage.

Automated Security with Active Protection

If a discovered asset can be hijacked and abused, Cyberpion’s Active Protection Mechanism temporarily mitigates the issue by taking control of the asset or severing its connection-without staff intervention.


Gain precious time and protection to remediate issues without fear of being vulnerable 


Prevent significant breaches from the most critical ecosystem vulnerabilities

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