Active Protection

For critical vulnerabilities, there’s no time to wait.

Automated Threat and Vulnerability Mitigation

If a discovered asset is vulnerable to abuse, the Active Protection system will neutralize the issue immediately and without staff intervention, by taking ownership of the vulnerable asset.

Cyberpion’s Active Protection capability is able to take action immediately to preempt the impending breach. By going on the offense against hackers, Cyberpion automates the protection of your organization.


Active Protection Delivers a Critical Resource: Time

Knowing that their assets are protected, security teams now have all the time they need to resolve and remediate the underlying issue.

An Example of Active Protection with a Vulnerable Asset

DNS Records tell the world about the organization’s assets, including IP addresses and mail servers, and define its trust and settings. A Dangling DNS record points to incorrect, inactive, or non-existent assets such as IP, domain, mail server, etc.

Cyberpion inspects each of the assets connected to your organization via DNS records. When the other side of a DNS record could be abused, Cyberpion’s Active Protection is applied to block hackers from controlling the organization’s sites, mail servers and DNS servers.

While the assets are protected by Active Protection, security and IT teams have the critical time they need to permanently resolve the issue.

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