Ecosystem Discovery

Cyberpion delivers unprecedented visibility of the online assets, vulnerabilities, and risks your organization is connected to.

For most organizations, their online presence continues to grow in scale and complexity—often beyond the oversight or control of security teams.

Your team needs complete visibility of this sprawling ecosystem, including every dependency, connection, and vulnerability across your internet presence. Cyberpion automates the discovery and inventory of your connections and assets, so your team can focus on resolving security issues rather than finding them.


Identify the Assets That You Are Connected to

Cyberpion’s ecosystem discovery identifies:

  • All your internet accessible assets: domains, subdomains, IP addresses, etc.
  • The specific connections each asset has to external resources: including dependencies of directly connected vendors, as well as chains of connections leading far into your ecosystem.
  • Robust filtering options for your team to distribute tasks and information
    • Filter by vendor dependencies
    • Filter by type of dependencies (script, redirects)
    • And more…

With clear action items for your highest priority risks, Cyberpion accelerates your response time to each vulnerability and improves the efficiency of the entire team.

Why Monitor your ecosystem continuously?

Your ecosystem is dynamic and ever-changing. Many partners and vendors change servers or update links, and your company has no means to detect the change.

Cyberpion’s dashboard alerts you to new connections, assets and vulnerabilities within your ecosystem, so your team can mitigate any new risks. Without a continuous ecosystem scan, your security team may be blind to the next attack.

Ecosystem Discovery from Your Perspective

The traditional third-party risk and security scoring methodology evaluates vendors from a generic, undifferentiated perspective. Through its unique attack surface discovery process, Cyberpion assesses your connected third parties and their assets specifically for the risk they represent to you, ensuring that your security posture is tailored to how you do business with them.

Minimize your attack surface and gain control of your ecosystem with Cyberpion’s easy-to-use platform.

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