Cyberpion Available On Microsoft Azure Marketplace

With that, we are happy to announce that Cyberpion’s Ecosystem Security platform has achieved IP Co-Sell Ready Status and is now available via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

These announcements coincide with our successful efforts in tightly integrating our platform with Azure Sentinel, allowing our customers to gain visibility and management capabilities over their ecosystem security from within Azure Sentinel.

Co-Selling With Microsoft Benefits Customers And Partners

Achieving IP Co-Sell Ready Status, together with publishing our platform on the Azure Marketplace, will enable Cyberpion to work closer than ever with our customers, partners, and Microsoft sales organization.

Customers will save time and effort by purchasing Cyberpion’s Ecosystem Security™ platform through the Azure Marketplace which will allow them to use their existing procurement relationship, as well as their existing Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) to purchase Cyberpion’s platform, while receiving a consolidated bill from Azure.

Microsoft Sales Organization and Partners: achieving IP Co-Sell incentivized Ready status, together with Azure Sentinel and publishing our solution on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace is a tremendous advantage to our customers worldwide and will help Cyberpion’s Sales organization reach a vast community of Microsoft sellers and partners to collaborate on incentivized opportunities that will accelerate our joint business growth.

About Partner Ecosystem And Co-Selling With Microsoft

Last financial year, co-selling with Microsoft generated over $15 billion in total contract revenue for Microsoft partners, with over 2,000 Co-Sell wins and $1.43bn pipeline just for the Microsoft for Startups organization that Cyberpion is part of.

Joining this great partner ecosystem will highly accelerate Cyberpion’s mission to protect enterprises and organizations across the globe from threats stemming from their ecosystem.

Finally, to put it in Satya Nadella’s words: “For Microsoft to do well, partners have to do well. That is why I always talk about us being a partner-led company. If you want to be cool, go look for someplace else. But if you want to join a company that is committed to making others cool, join us”


Cyberpion’s Ecosystem Security on the Azure Marketplace

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