Use Case: Brand Asset Protection

Protect the Reputation of Your Enterprise

Eliminate the possibility of threat actors taking control and abusing
your branded assets.

Did You Know?

11% of Fortune 500 have a branded domain at risk of abuse.

Cyberpion Analysis 2021

Secure Your Greatest Asset:
The Trust Between You and Your Customers

Customer confidence in transacting with your organization in a safe and secure method is a critical responsibility for your organization. However, threat actors are continuously seeking out your vulnerable branded digital assets to leverage them, and the trust you’ve built, in an attack against your customers and employees.

Cyberpion’s Ecosystem Security platform helps protect your brand with active monitoring of your branded assets that threat actors seek to takeover and leverage in attacks against your customers. Cyberpion’s vulnerability intelligence makes it easy to find and mitigate vulnerable domains, login forms, and code assets that can lead to brand impersonations to dupe unsuspecting customers.

Discover the Assets that Customers Trust

Long forgotten or abandoned domains, servers, certificates and hosts still carry your brand name, and your implied stamp of trust. If these assets can be taken over or redirected, a malicious hacker can leverage this trust in sophisticated phishing attacks against your customers.

Cyberpion’s Discovery engine automates the process of uncovering all of the digital assets that carry your brand names.

Pinpoint the Vulnerabilities in “Trusted” Assets

With an understanding of every asset, its composition, connectedness, and vulnerabilities, you get a clear sense of the security posture of your branded digital footprint. Understand what puts these assets at risk is the first step in removing the vulnerability. Whether it’s a configuration issue, an abandoned domain record, or a connection to a vulnerable third-party asset, Cyberpion provides the critical information needed to remediate the issue.

Take Action to Ensure Customer Trust

By combining the asset discovery and vulnerability intelligence from Cyberpion your organization gains key insights into how to remediate these vulnerable assets before they are exploited. By prioritizing and tackling critical Action Items first your security team is able to mitigate the most dire threats first, before they are exploited.

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