Use Case: Ecosystem Vulnerability Management

Eliminate The Vulnerabilities Beyond Your Perimeter

Identify and eliminate vulnerabilities throughout your entire online ecosystem

Did You Know?

43% of Fortune 500 have cloud-specific critical vulnerabilities.

Cyberpion Analysis, 2021

Gain Visibility Into The Security Gaps
Hiding In Your Online Ecosystem

As your online ecosystem continues to expand, connections and assets create an increasing number of vulnerabilities. Your security team needs to take control of these gaps before hackers exploit them, breach your organization, and harm your users.

But identifying vulnerabilities isn’t the only challenge. Your team also needs to prioritize and mitigate the most severe issues first.

Cyberpion’s Ecosystem Security platform provides continuous threat and vulnerability awareness of your entire digital ecosystem. Proactive insights from Cyberpion give security teams the ability to eliminate these attack vectors pre-emptively and prevent future breaches. Additionally, the platform prioritizes the most critical vulnerabilities first so teams know exactly where to start.

Vulnerability Management for Your Entire Online Ecosystem

Cybercriminals continuously seek to exploit unnoticed security lapses hidden amid your organization’s third-party ecosystem. With an intent to attack you indirectly, they go after the less secure assets within your ecosystem.

That all comes to an end with Cyberpion’s vulnerability intelligence.

Cyberpion’s assessment engine provides a robust analysis of every connection in your online ecosystem, giving security teams a clear understanding of the organization’s current security posture.

Prioritize Which Vulnerabilities to Mitigate First

Cyberpion’s vulnerability detection engine continuously examines each asset within your attack surface, assessing risk and priority. Then, your security team can quickly get to work resolving the worst threats and protecting the organization from the greatest harm. 

Effectively Mitigate Vulnerabilities
within your Online Ecosystem

Along with its vulnerability assessment of each asset and connection, Cyberpion’s platform provides concise and pertinent mitigation playbooks.

Your security team doesn’t have to guess about the next steps to eliminate risk.

The combination of effective and efficient issue resolution gives you a head-start against the threat actors looking to exploit a vulnerability and attempt a breach. 

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