Use Case: Third-Party Risk Management

Reduce Third-Party Risk Across Your Entire Online Ecosystem

Third-party vendors are just the tip of the iceberg for this growing attack vector.

Did You Know?

25.4% of the external assets used by the Fortune 500 are at-risk of abuse

Cyberpion analysis, 2021

Managing Cyber-Risk Beyond Just Third-Parties

As digital transformation initiatives drive the growth of your online presence, your organization becomes connected to more and more external resources and assets. Inevitably, you become deeply connected and reliant on the IT infrastructures of third-party vendors, who in turn are connected to their own vendors and their IT, which are connected even further.

Cyberpion’s Ecosystem Security platform provides visibility into this interconnected online ecosystem — extending far beyond just your vendors. By traversing these connected cyber assets to the “Nth” degree, and performing a security assessment on each of them, Cyberpion offers the security intelligence your team needs to secure your organization. Armed with this information, your team can preemptively mitigate vulnerabilities before they’re exploited.

Deep Discovery of Your Third-Party Vulnerabilities

The first step towards eliminating a threat is knowing it exists. Due to the lack of visibility into your own ecosystems, security teams have always been challenged by the shear scope of the problem.

As a third-party cyber risk management tool, Cyberpion’s platform automates the discovery of those attacker-facing assets your organization is connected to, whether that asset belongs to a known third party or an indirect connection to a vendor’s vendor.

Assess & Prioritize the Security of Your Third-Parties

Cyberpion’s vulnerability detection engine continuously examines each asset within your attack surface, assessing risk and priority. Then, your security team can quickly get to work resolving the worst threats and protecting the organization from the greatest harm. 

Proactively Eliminate Vulnerabilities
BEFORE Hackers Exploit Them

By discovering which third-party assets are most vulnerable, your security team can more efficiently and effectively eliminate threats. With third party cyber risk management, your team will proactively prevent breaches, instead of reacting to a breach that costs money and customers’ trust.

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