Emerging Cybersecurity Threats For Healthcare Organizations

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Online Ecosystems – The Emerging Cybersecurity Threat for Healthcare Organizations

For healthcare organizations that handle a lot of patient data, including extremely sensitive information, the use of any technology is a double-edged sword in terms of its benefits versus its cybersecurity risks. One specific technology takes this dichotomy to a more extreme level.

Including something as simple or seemingly innocuous as a font, a user tracking script, or utilizing a third-party to provide a patient appointment setting application, exposes an organization to long (and typically unmonitored) chain of hyperconnected partners and vendors to host and deliver that content. At Cyberpion, we call this intersection of IT and online elements your online ecosystem.

Leveraging Third-Party Technologies Creates New Vulnerabilities

Security teams must remain ever vigilant for new threats and actively seek to mitigate threats before they occur. One area where we’ve seen security professionals appear to be blind is within the the online infrastructures of the vendors and partners their organization is connected to. The issue goes even deeper when you consider those partners and vendors are in turn connected to the online infrastructures of even more partners and vendors.

This webinar provides a first-hand understanding of vulnerabilities lurking in your online ecosystem:

Because the content, scripts and resources from these partners and providers are ultimately included in the organization’s online properties, the security of the infrastructure of all those connected vendor’s has become as critical to your security as if it were your own infrastructure.

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