New Cybersecurity Challenges For Financial Institutions

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The Invisible Connected Attack Surface―What’s Lurking Under the Online Hood

Financial institutions are no strangers to Digital Transformation. The rise of Covid-19 has only accelerated the need to conduct business with zero-touch.

Unfortunately, this trend may also be increasing the cyber risks of your organizations. In order to accelerate their digital roll-outs, firms have leveraged countless partner’s and third-party solutions as part of their digital infrastructure to provide online services, improve operations, grow their business, prevent fraud, and serve customers. In turn, those partners rely on and incorporate additional vendors and third-party solutions into the their offerings.

This is where the new cyber threats thrive

Because the content, scripts and resources from these partners nad providers, and are ultimately included in the firm’s online properties, the security of all those connected vendor’s has become as critical to their security as if it were their own infrastructure.

This webinar provides a first-hand understanding of vulnerabilities lurking in your online ecosystem:

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